Cross-Border Culture Art Space has come to an end

The ArtSpace closing conference was held on February 14 in the Perényi Cultural Mansion in Beregardó.

The EU project, Cross-Border Culture Art Space has finished. The closing conference was held on February 14 in the Perényi Cultural Mansion in Beregardó.

Cross-Border Culture Art Space is a project designed to unite the border regions of Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary in order to preserve their cultural heritage.

On behalf of Ukraine, Marianna Pallagi, the director of Pro Cultura Subcarpathica reported on the activities of the past three years. Denisza Lakatos presented the activities of the project in Slovakia, and László Őry, president of the Carpathian Art and Culture Association, presented the activities in Hungary.

The project was supposed to last from May 2020 to May 2022, but due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine it was prolonged to one more year.

From the project budget, Pro Cultura Subcarpathica managed to purchase equipment for the Perényi Cultural Mansion, which is currently rented by the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College.

In the framework of the project, participants prepared a study about the cultural heritage and tourist attractions of their homeland. Furthermore, a cultural manager training was implemented in each area for employers and employees working in the cultural field. PCS also implemented a marketing course for Transcarpathian entrepreneurs.

Pro Cultura Subcarpathica organized musical events, drama pedagogic, folk dance and crafting sessions for more than 3000 children. Adults were invited to concerts and exhibitions, wine tastings, and gastro-cultural events with the participation of around 1,500.


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